About handleOpenURL

We set up handleOpenURL.com because we were looking for a central place where we could find more info about the schemes other apps were using and where we could share the schemes we implemented in our apps.
Searching the Internet turned up information scattered all over the net. We thought it would be a nice thing to set up a place where this information is collected.
handleOpenURL.com is open to developers to share their URL schemes.

At handleOpenURL.com you can check if the scheme you want to implement is used by another app already out there. If not, you can add it to the index so other developers know there might be a conflict if their app will implement the same.

Furthermore you can share the capabilities of your app to other developers. E.g. if you've published an app which enables users to send their location to Google Latitude or which can send a message to Twitter, you can share the scheme you've implemented and it's parameters that can be used with it.

Recently added URL schemes:

  • comics head

  • Table Tennis Counter


  • 浙江新闻


  • WeChat


  • KODI Remote


  • Animal Cute

  • Morcha


  • morcha

    morcha ://