Apricot Audio


Apricot Audio brings a new experience in music listening, allowing you to control the volume of your songs to account for the loud parts, quiet parts and changes in the volume of day-to-day noises around you. 

Ideally suited to commuters where you either can’t hear your music or it’s blaring out across the bus, and there is always the roar of the engine as you leave the stop!

Live radio can also be played with now-playing data fetched automatically so you know exactly what your listening to!

- Import songs from your library to a queue.
- Edit, reorder or shuffle the upcoming queue.
- Listen to live radio.
- Write, edit or import equations governing playback.
- Share songs and equations with others through Facebook, Twitter and a Weblink.
- Airplay support for playback.

Application homepage: http://apricot.walshmedia.net.au
iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/apricot-audio/id887746021
HTML Link example: apricot://import?song=Fireflies&artist=Owl+City
Native application URL string example: apricot://import?song=Fireflies&artist=Owl+City
Extended example: apricot://import?song=Fireflies&artist=Owl+City&pls=&equation=
Tags: volume control intelligent music radio stream

Supported Functionality:

Importing Media (apricot://import?): imports data/media such as a song, stream or equation and dependant on user settings, adds to the queue and begins playing.

  • song: name of a native song (must be on users device, otherwise will show iTunes link)
  • artist: artist for native song (used to further clarify song)
  • pls: url to a pls stream file to import
  • equation: equation string to import (e.g. $a*2+1)
  • Example query: apricot://import?song=Fireflies&artist=Owl+City