Boat Warden


A controller for use with with Boat Warden (tm) boat monitoring and security system. This App allows you to control your Boat Warden (tm) system from wherever you are. Call the Boat Warden number and it will send you an SMS text message with the current position; tap on the position and this app will automatically open and display Google Maps with your boat's position on it. You can set a fence distance from 25-65000 metres; if the boat moves outside this distance it will send you a message with the position; again, tapping on it will open this app and show the position.  

How this works -- the text message has a string e.g. bmtr://53.3894,-6.0664 where the two numbers are the latitude & longitude of the boat's position.

Application homepage:
iTunes link: Not ready yet - awaiting review
HTML Link example: bmtr://53.3894,-6.0664
Native application URL string example:
Extended example: