This URL scheme allows alarms to be set using a url. This will allow users of the app to send reminders to their friends or websites to allow you to add a quick reminder.

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HTML Link example: <a href="calarm://create?date=2014-06-1-13:00&title=Reminder">Add a Reminder</a>
Native application URL string example: calarm://create?date=2014-06-1-13:00&title=Reminder
Extended example: calarm://create?date=2014-06-1-13:00&title=Reminder&location=Home - This will create a reminder titled 'Reminder' with location 'Home' on June 1 2014 at 1 PM.
Tags: alarm clock calendar

date: required. date format is YYYY-MM-d-H:mm


title: required. must be url encoded

location: optional. must be url encoded

REQUIRES: Calarm version 6.0 or later