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HTML Link example:
Native application URL string example: gist://summarize/?url=
Extended example: gist://summarize/?url=
Tags: summary news article gist

Summarizing an article:

Custom URL: gist://summarize/?url=<ARTICLE URL>

Example: gist://summarize/?url=


Custom Title & Text: gist://summarize/?title=<ARTICLE TITLE>&text=<ARTICLE TEXT>

Example: gist://summarize/?title=This%20is%20the%20title%20of%20the%20article&text=And%20this%20is%20the%20text



Searching for a custom topic: gist://search/?topic=<TOPIC>

Example: gist://summarize/?topic=Apple


As usual, all URL's should be URL encoded (replace all spaces with %20, etc.)