ici ici://myfriend@example.com ici://john@example.com;peter@example.net ici://GP:112233445566778899000 ici://GP:112233445566778899000;000111222333444556677 ici://SMS:MySMS_Contact

The URL scheme for this app allows users to launch it from a launcher app and to have preset recipient(s), for the mail, Google+ or SMS when a message is generated.  The Help button (Bottom-Left when the app is running) gives access to detailed explanation on how to use the app. The end of the Help text show a number of examples and explanations related to the usage of URL schemes. 

Application homepage: http://www.sofisfun.net/HereNow/
iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id810795965
HTML Link example:
Native application URL string example: ici://myfriend@example.com
Extended example: ici://GP:112233445566778899000;000111222333444556677
Tags: Here,Now,Current location,GPS,Current position

I hope to come up with new versions of the app having more features to offer through the use of URL schemes.