ILockOut is an alternate way to secure your device. Once set up you'll have 15, 30, or 45 seconds to input your password to unlock your phone. After the expiration of the timer, your front facing camera will snap a photo and send it to the email address of your choice. You also have your choice of ten different themes to choose from as your timer counts down.

x-callback-url The URL scheme is compliant to the x-callback-url specification. Visit the x-callback-url website
Application homepage:
iTunes link:
HTML Link example: <a href="ilop://">Launch ILockOut via lockscreen</a>
Native application URL string example: ILOP://
Extended example: ILOP://[password]:[?] ILOP://ilockoutscreen.ilop/ ILOP://lockscreen ILOP://settings ILOP://help ILOP://enable ILOP://disable REPO://cydia PUNANY://
Tags: lockscreen

Intelligent Lockscreen Operation Protocol...