iPuzzledYa is the best puzzle game to hit the app store to date. The classic slider puzzle game has been upgraded in iPuzzledYa with awesome built in features and more to come in future updates. Snap a photo on the go and make it your own puzzle to kill some time. 


•Ability to grab any image from the internet and turn it into a puzzle 
•Email, SMS, MMS your completed puzzle to friends 
•Game center enabled for score keeping 
•Grab photos from your camera roll or snap a picture with your camera to use as puzzles. 
•Change difficulties by choosing between 3 – 6 rows and columns, as well as using numbered pieces or unnumbered pieces. 

iPuzzledYa works on iPad, iPhone, and the iPod.


x-callback-url The URL scheme is compliant to the x-callback-url specification. Visit the x-callback-url website
Application homepage: http://funzalesproductions.com/
iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ipuzzledya-hd/id518189727
HTML Link example: <a href="ilop://">Launch iPuzzledYa via any web browsers & locate the image URL</a>
Native application URL string example: IPDY://
Extended example: IPDY://[password]:[?] IPDY://ipuzzledya.ipdy/ IPDY://image IPDY://settings IPDY://help IPDY://enable IPDY://disable IPDY://store PUNANY://
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