This URL scheme allows the user to add bookmark items to Mover. In the future, it might be expanded to allow applications to add arbitrary items to Mover.

Application homepage:
iTunes link:
HTML Link example: <a href="x-infinitelabs-mover:add?">Add to Mover</a>
Native application URL string example: x-infinitelabs-mover:add?
Extended example:
Tags: file transfer bookmarks photos contacts clippings text bluetooth wifi

This URL scheme is available to send commands to the Mover application. The scheme is used as follows:


where \'command\' is the command and the part after the question mark is a URL-encoded set of keys and values as parameters to the command.

From versions 2.0 up to 2.0.4, the only available command is \"add\", which adds a bookmark item to the Mover+ table on launch. The only key used as a parameter by this command is \"url\", which must have as its value a correctly percent-escaped URL for the bookmark. URLs not having \'http\' or \'https\' as their protocol schemes will be silently rejected.