Open States


It handles opens various views in the application to examine state legislative data, as found in the documented Open States web service API.

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HTML Link example: <a href="slfos://bills/tx/82/HB 1">Texas House Bill 1 (82nd Legislature)</a>
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Tags: legislature legislation capitol sunlight labs sunlight foundation open government


  • slfos://states --- Open a table to select a state legislature from a list of available legislatures.
  • slfos://states/detail/tx --- Open a menu of available features for the selected state legislature (2 character state abbreviation).
  • slfos://legislators/tx --- Lists all the Texas legislators
  • slfos://legislators/detail/TXL234232 --- shows details of a particular legislator, using the (published) Open States legislator identifier.
  • slfos://committees/tx --- List all the Texas committees
  • slfos://committees/detail/TXC34234 --- committee details, Open States ID
  • slfos://districts/tx --- Texas legislative districts
  • slfos://districts/detail/sldl-tx-house-23 --- district details using the Boundary Service identifier.
  • slfos://events/tx --- Texas events
  • slfos://events/detail/TXE34234 --- event details, Open States ID
  • slfos://bills/tx --- open a menu related to features for bills
  • slfos://bills/search/tx --- open a view to search Texas bills
  • slfos://bills/detail/tx/82/HB 41 --- bill details, in Texas, in the 82nd legislative session, House Bill 41. Open States state ID, session name, and bill ID.
  • slfos://bills/watch --- Open a list of the user's watched (or favorite) bills
  • slfos://bills/subjects/tx --- open a list of available bill subjects, with their current count