Pocket Universe


The URL scheme allows links to cause Pocket Universe to display an image of the night sky centered on a specific object, or location. For example, Let's visit the <a href="astronomy://?goto=moon"> moon </a>

Goto can be followed by the name of the objects the app is aware of, or a Ra, Dec or Alt, Azm co-ordinate.

Application homepage: http://www.craicdesign.com
iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pocket-universe-virtual-sky/id306916838
HTML Link example: <a href="astronomy://?goto=moon"> moon </a>
Native application URL string example:
Extended example: href="astronomy://?goto=moon" href="astronomy://?goto=mars" href="astronomy://?goto=M31" href="astronomy://?ra=45;dec=0" href="astronomy://?azm=90;alt=0"