search? filterCollection?

The URL scheme initiates a search of the users media items or begins an online search for a book, movie, CD or game to add to the users library.

The schemes are compatible with the Mac version of the software so will work on both iOS and Mac.

The search schemes work by targeting the media type via the URL protocol and then add the search keywords (if left blank the search field is shown with text input ready for the user to type). Following are some examples of the four media protocols:

dvdpedia://search?Gladiator, bookpedia://search?Tolkien, cdpedia://search?Sting, gamepedia://search?Zelda

The second URL option is to filter the current users collections to find a specific item already in the collection. The filtering can be done via keyword or target one of the following 4 specific fields: title, director, artist or author via regular URL get encoding.


Application homepage: http://bruji.com/Pocketpedia
iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pocketpedia3/id516512144
HTML Link example: dvdpedia://search?Gladiator
Native application URL string example: cdpedia://filterCollection?artist=Sting
Extended example:
Tags: Media books Games DVDs Movies Albums CDs