Prizmo provides access to other apps to both its OCR text recognition feature and text-to-speech reading through its custom URL scheme.

x-callback-url The URL scheme is compliant to the x-callback-url specification. Visit the x-callback-url website
Application homepage:
iTunes link:
HTML Link example: prizmo://x-callback-url/captureText?language=en&destination=pasteboard
Native application URL string example: prizmo://x-callback-url/captureText?language=en&destination=pasteboard
Extended example: To scan a text to the clipboard: prizmo://x-callback-url/captureText?language=en&destination=pasteboard or to read a text with text-to-speech: prizmo://x-callback-url/readText?voice=Ryan&text=Hello%20World
Tags: ocr, tts, scanning

This URL scheme complies with the x-callback-url protocol. More information is available at