The following opens the 3 respective timelines.

  • simplytweet:?timeline=friends
  • simplytweet:?timeline=mentions
  • simplytweet:?timeline=directmessages

Start composing a direct message to recipient:

  • simplytweet:?dm={recipient name}

The original URL scheme which opens a new draft is also extended:

  • simplytweet:?link={URL}&text={text}

URL and text are both optional. URLs longer than 25 characters are automatically shortened.

Note that if the link is to a Twitter account, it will be opened directly in SimplyTweet, if the link is to a tweet, conversation view will be opened.

Application homepage:
iTunes link:
HTML Link example: <a href="simplytweet:?dm=hboon">DM @hboon</a>
Native application URL string example: simplytweet:?dm=hboon
Extended example:
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