x-callback-url The URL scheme is compliant to the x-callback-url specification. Visit the x-callback-url website
Application homepage: http://textcenterapp.com
iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/textcenter/id588083563
HTML Link example:
Native application URL string example: textcenterapp://x-callback-url/add?url=URL_TO_TEXT_FILE
Extended example: textcenterapp://x-callback-url/create?title=TITLE&text=YOUR%20TEXT&x-success=SUCCESS_URL&x-error=ERROR_URL
Tags: plain text editing
Exposed URL actions (for version 1.2)

Adds a text file from an URL

Creates a new text file with the given title and text

Replaces text

Appends text

All URL actions listed above also understand the x-success and x-error parameters in order to support callbacks.

Tags for inserting dynamic text

[[TITLE]] - The title of the active text file
[[TEXT]] - The full text or text selection of the active text file
[[MARKDOWN]] - HTML source generated from Markdown in the active text file
[[NOMARKUP]] - Removes all Markup from the active text file
[[LINKS]] - List with links found in the active text file

Dynamic content is being automatically URL encoded.