Tick is a powerful incredibly-customizable To-Do app. You can customize the entire interface with your favorite colors. Set reminders and due dates for your tasks. Automatically sync todos with Reminders on your Mac and iPad. Ambience-aware, Tick magically changes its colors as you move from a bright to a dark environmen.

The Tick URL can be invoked by the user or by other apps.  For example, the URL could be a user-clickable hyperlink on an external or local web page, in an SMS text, in an email, etc.  The URL can also be invoked from code by other apps to create to-dos, reminders, and lists.

Application homepage: http://www.taphive.com/tick/
iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id683780016
HTML Link example: tick://todo/add?todo_text=milk&list_name=shopping&alarm=2014-02-02%2009:15
Native application URL string example:
Extended example:
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