The tomtomhome: scheme is used to implement the "Add To TomTom" service.

Application homepage:
iTunes link:
HTML Link example: <a href="">Add to TomTom</a>
Native application URL string example:
Extended example:
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Tip: Use the web API (Add to TomTom, instead of the tomtomhome: URL scheme because it will work with more TomTom devices&software. For more details, see

Addresses added via the "tomtomhome:" scheme or the "Add to TomTom" webservice will be geocoded (converted to a point on the map) by the TomTom device itself. This means that it's generally impossible to add addresses outside the are covered by the map. Also, if the map is too old, newer addresses might be missing (remember to keep your map up to date, iow - 15% of the map changes every year)