TPM is a global mobile wallet / shopping solution for everyone everywhere. TPM works on all phones, all operators. TPM does not require either bankaccount or card and works with all major currencies. For additional information see our site



x-callback-url The URL scheme is compliant to the x-callback-url specification. Visit the x-callback-url website
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HTML Link example: tpm://PAY?r=467012345678901&l=&c=USD&ai=10&ad=49&i=Test
Native application URL string example: tpm://PAY?r=467012345678901&l=&c=EUR&ai=15&ad=75&i=Test
Extended example:
Tags: Mobile wallet money transfer

Short functionality description of tpm-link

PAY = Command to execute
r = Recipient, normally international phone number, 
     Recipient is the one who should get paid when using the link.
l = cashier Line, an integer
ai = Amount Integer part
ad = Amount Decimal part
c = Currency, ISO code like USD,EUR,SEK,KES,YEN, HKD
i = Infotext (in urlencoded format of course)