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Native application URL string example: tweetbot:///post?
Extended example: Valid as of version 1.0.2 tweetbot:///timeline tweetbot:///mentions tweetbot:///retweets tweetbot:///direct_messages tweetbot:///lists tweetbot:///favorites tweetbot:///search tweetbot:///search?query= tweetbot:///status/ tweetbot:///user_profile/ tweetbot:///post tweetbot:///post?text= The argument is optional. You may include it to go to a specific account or leave it blank and either the current or default user account will be chosen instead. As usual all query should be URLencoded and other then that everything should be pretty obvious. Valid as of version 1.3 tweetbot:///post?text=&callback_url=&in_reply_to_status_id= tweetbot:///search?query=&callback_url= tweetbot:///status/?callback_url= tweetbot:///user_profile/?callback_url= tweetbot:///follow/ tweetbot:///unfollow/ tweetbot:///favorite/ tweetbot:///unfavorite/ tweetbot:///retweet/ The argument callback_url is an URL encoded URL that will be opened in Safari once the Post view closes. Valid as of version 1.4 tweetbot:///list/?callback_url=