Verse is a Chinese Bible app. You can use verse:// to open it and go to the verse. For example verse://Ge1:1 or verse://Genesis1:1 will go to The Book of Genesis, chapter 1, verse 1.

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Native application URL string example: verse://Ge1:1
Extended example: verse://太 verse://利未記 verse://啟示錄 verse://約貳 verse://3John verse://isa verse://PS verse://matthew verse://創10 verse://出10 verse://箴言三十一章 verse://約一 verse://約二 verse://1sa5 verse://1Kings10 Verse://2kings4 Verse://1samuel5 verse://ezekiel40 verse://ps119 verse://3jn verse://馬太福音6:11 verse://約翰三書1章5節 verse://馬太福音六章十五節 Verse://詩篇一百五十篇第三節 verse://可2:7 verse://創二3 verse://約三6 verse://出四十5 verse://馬太福音二3 verse://馬太福音四:2 verse://詩一百十九100 verse://詩一一九99 verse://路十三9 Verse://猶1.3 verse://約參1:2 verse://約壹五5 verse://約貳10 verse://猶7 verse://1Samuel3:5 verse://2Kings1.7 verse://exodus40.5 verse://Genesis20:1 verse://songs8.7 verse://1peter3.7 verse://2peter2.3 verse://mt6:9 verse://1pe3.4 verse://ss8:6
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